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Title: Co-Host and Guest Equippment Setup
Post by: Andrew Leong on September 09, 2018, 08:05:27 am

I've tried various "cost-effective" setups for a co-host podcast. We were recently sharing a Blue Snow Ball. Then moved onto a Blue Yeti. I had to return the Yeti twice because it just wouldn't work on my Windows 10 laptop.

I'm looking for equipment recommendations. Our podcast is in two situations:

1.  My co-host and I do episodes (not always in the same place, so we have to move equipment).

2. I interview a guest on the show.

My thinking is to get two lavalier microphones and use two separate laptops to record our own voices on Audacity. Then sync them up in Audacity.

To podcasts guests, I was thinking of using two lavalier microphones with a splitter into one Digital Microphone Recorder. Or use two lavalier microphones with two separate Digital Records.

My questions are:

- How does this sound to you?
- Can you recommend a microphone splitter?
- Can you recommend a decent lavalier microphone?
- Can you recommend a decent digital recorder?

All on a medium budget. We don't want to break the bank at this point.
Title: Re: Co-Host and Guest Equippment Setup
Post by: Shawn Thorpe on September 09, 2018, 06:38:26 pm
What you're describing sounds awfully complicated.

A digital recorder like the Zoom H6 would probably have enough mic inputs built into the recorder to take all of the mics you'd need without having to get multiple laptops involved.

I can't really comment on lavalier mics as I have little experience with them. One thing to keep in mind with clip-on mics is that they can pick up A LOT of little noises from people moving around while they wear them. Just something to consider.

Getting back to the H6; things like Y-cables for plugging in additional mics should only be a last resort. This type of thing usually overdrives the preamps, results in distorted audio, and keeps you from being able to adjust levels between different microphones. Don't do this unless it's your only option.