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Title: Replace a Podcast Media File
Post by: RWPeck on May 12, 2013, 06:45:27 am
In a perfect world, we would never make mistakes or second guess ourselves. However, for people like me, it would be nice to have the option to replace a podcast file with an edited version. For example, a person might post a file in a hurry, then realize a few hours later that they could have done some audio cleaning to get rid of a little more background noise, or.... I realize that I can modify an existing podcast episode and upload the new file under a new file name, then click to "Update" the post. That gets the new version posted on my website. However, it appears that feed readers that have already discovered the post will still look to the first file that was uploaded to Blubrry and do not see the new "updated" one. I would like to be able to delete the first file from Blubrry's server and replace it with the newly edited version so that feed readers, links, etc, would now get the updated version of the media file at the exact same address. Vimeo has a feature like this that I've used for replacing videos that I have updated or done subsequent editing to.
Title: Re: Replace a Podcast Media File
Post by: angelo on May 13, 2013, 12:51:46 am
You should be able to re-upload/overwrite with our service. I am looking into why this may not have worked in your case now.

As far as forcing folks to get a new download, the file name has to physically change in order to make this happen for iTunes, desktop or mobile versions. Other podcasting applications have their own ways to determine new episodes, but most go by the guid value in the feed, then by the media URL to see if it is differently than what has been downloaded previously.

Best practice would be to use a WordPress plugin to clown your blog post for your last podcast episode , then upload a new version of your latest podcast with a slight modification to the file name. The new blog post will have a new guid value as well as a unique media URL (because the file name will be slightly different).
Title: Re: Replace a Podcast Media File
Post by: RWPeck on May 13, 2013, 08:30:01 am
I did a little more experimenting and discovered that if I download a file from the Blubrry sever, edit it, then go to the original post in my WordPress dashboard and in the "Podcast Episode" section click on "Modify existing podcast episode," then attempt to upload the edited version of the file under the same name, I get the following error message.

"Blubrry Hosting Error (publish): Error media file "2013-4-22_boston-bombings-and-american-liberty-96K.mp3" already exists publicly."

If I simply rename the mp3 file as you suggested, then it will upload and I can update the post.

However, I can update the post using a mp3 file by the same name so long as I did not download the file from Blubrry. I had a local copy of a podcast file and was able to upload that to Blubrry and update the post even though the file had the same name as the one already on Blubrry.

The idea of cloning and replacing a post is a new concept to me, but I see there is some info and plugins over at that I'll have to check out.

What you said, combine with some further experimenting, helped me make sense of the fact that after updating a post using an edited version of  the mp3 file under a new name, gPodder updated to using the new file (because gPodder is looking for media to play and sees that the media file has a new address), but Feedly and FeedDemon are still playing and/or downloading the old version of the file (because they are mostly interested in identifying new posts and the post remained the same so they don't bother to check to see that there is new media attached to the post).

Title: Re: Replace a Podcast Media File
Post by: DanielJLewis on July 01, 2013, 11:05:53 am
I want to chime in on this as I had this same issue with a client using Blubrry Media Hosting. We couldn't seem to replace a file (through PowerPress on the post) already being hosted.