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Title: Podcasting Newbie
Post by: Mercer on July 23, 2011, 12:01:19 pm
I'm about to delve into the wide world of podcasting and have newbie question...

I'll be creating a video podcast but would like the audio to be available to others who don't have video as option (itunes in the car, etc.).

Does this happen automatically through iTunes/Stitcher, etc or do I have to create 2 different podcast feeds (1 video, 1 audio).

Thanks for the help!

Title: Re: Podcasting Newbie
Post by: angelo on July 26, 2011, 12:08:31 pm
Two separate feeds. Two major reasons for this.

1. RSS complications having 2 or more media files in one post, see top of this page:

2. If you do the 2 separate blog posts route, one video and one audio, you definitely need separate feeds, otherwise the last blog post (e.g. audio) will be the "latest" and what is downloaded by the subscriber. The 2nd latest podcast episodes (e.g. video) will be skipped, since they were both released at he same time and the last one (audio) is seen first in the feed.

The PowerPress solution to this problem is called "Podcast Channels", which allows you to write one blog post and maintain 2+ separate podcast feeds. When you enable the advanced option then go to the custom channels page, the examples documented will assist you with setting up the channel best for your situation.