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Title: Blog Talk Radio Shows not Eligible for some Advertising Campaigns
Post by: Todd on April 16, 2011, 02:49:17 pm
Question: I have my Show hosted at Blog Talk Radio can I participate in your advertising Campaigns.

Answer: Yes on campaigns that are CPA based that we do not need to measure your audience.
Answer: No on campaigns that are CPM or Flat rate that we need to measure your audience.

Question: Why can't I participate in CPM or Flat Rate based campaigns.

Answer: On a CPM campaign we have to measure through our free podcast statistics service your total downloads, unique IP's and we need to break out the US/Canadian downloads as most campaigns will not pay for downloads outside of those two areas. Blog Talk Radio does not allow hosts on their platform to run our statistics service thus we are not able to measure the shows reach. We cannot bill our advertisers unless we can prove how many unique IP's and downloads happened during the campaign.

Question: Blog Talk Radio Gives me access to stats can you use those.

Answer: No their stats are simply not acceptable as we have no data on how they are measuring media consumption or what filtering they do for bots and search engines.

Question: What can I do to as a content creator to work with you on ad deals.

Answer: Get your own .com, install wordpress and powerpress and have your own point of presence with your own branding. If you choose to have your media hosted by Blog Talk Radio that is fine so long as you understand you will only be paid for what is subscribed to and downloaded from your own site.

General Comment: Content creators get locked too often into walled gardens that they cannot escape, which results in issues when it comes to start paying the bills. Our advice to all content creators is to have your own point of presence .com first, and then use secondary services to help drive new listeners to your show. Always promote your .com first and foremost which you own and control.