Author Topic: moved from podpress to powerpress still having trouble PLEASE HELP  (Read 1167 times)


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  my podcast recently stopped working when I had a new wordpress design added. Now i read the podpress can be screwy if the latest version of wordpress and I am guessing that is what it was for. my site is its a podcast about UK adult industry but no matter what the topic I really need to get  this site working.

So the subscribe to itunes button opens up itunes and it say that the podcast is not available in the UK, this is the problem I have been having all along since the new look site.

So I changed to power press and imported al the settings into powerpress form pod press.

all the podcasts play on the site fine. Now when I went to podpess settings it says he RSS feed is  however when I click on validate  I get this :

I thought the feed was

but it wont let you change it in the powerpress settings.

so how do I get this feed working and how do I get Itunes to accept it using power press. Any help I'd be grateful but I need it eplaining simply as I am not a tech head so dont much if its not explained in the simplest of ways.




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Re: moved from podpress to powerpress still having trouble PLEASE HELP
« Reply #1 on: January 25, 2013, 05:12:28 pm »
The feed is empty, so that is a problem. This is your podcast only feed, both from PodPress and also in PowerPress. Remember PowerPress started out as a fork of PodPress, and we promptly rewrote it after struggling to fix major fundamental issues with PodPress. We designed it to replace PodPress because we were all at one point using PodPress.

The feed is a custom post type feed. PodPress, up till the past year, did not support custom post types. It's current solution is most likely buggy at best since custom post types in WordPress are still maturing. PowerPress under normal circumstances will import the episode data, but the problem with custom post types is the post type meta data is not accessible to PowerPress, so you're kind of stuck with PodPress at the moment.

I would recommend you consult with who ever helped you or advised you to use custom post types. Custom post types are confusing, complicated, and in most cases, are not used for what they were originally intended for.

We have a feature in PowerPress called "Podcast Channels", which can work with or without custom post types. The most important feature of PowerPress's podcast channels feature is that it can work independently of the custom post types so you do not have to deal with these problems.

If you would like our assistance with your problems, you can hire us as consultants. If you're interested, please use the contact form with more details of your setup and we'll schedule a consultation.