Author Topic: Issue with PowerPress and TagDiv Newspaper's "Cloud Template" Feature  (Read 67 times)

Benjamin Hinc

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I use PowerPress to turn one of the categories at into a podcast.

Our theme is Newspaper by TagDiv. When using PowerPress with the stock theme, its functionality seems to be fine as seen in this screen shot of the RSS feed:

However, when using Newspaper’s “Cloud Template” functionality which allows for complete customization of category page layouts, PowerPress has stopped modifying the category’s RSS feed as seen here:

Here are the category and feed that are having the issue:

I’ve posted at TagDiv’s forum but I also wanted to post here. Something is clearly causing the plugin to be unable to make the necessary changes to the RSS feed and since the issue stops as soon as I remove the “Cloud Template” from the category, I know that it is the cause.

Any suggestions are appreciated. Also, perhaps the theme and plugin developers could figure out how to make it work. Thanks!

Shawn Thorpe

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Re: Issue with PowerPress and TagDiv Newspaper's "Cloud Template" Feature
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A response has been posted to your question here:

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