Author Topic: PowerPress Plugin Lost all Audio URL's  (Read 72 times)

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PowerPress Plugin Lost all Audio URL's
« on: November 12, 2018, 12:08:21 pm »

I have been using your plugin for about 4 months. I host all of my audio files on Amazon S3. When I checked iTunes yesterday only 1 of my podcasts were showing. As I look at WP every Blubrry/PowerPress URL field that was active is suddenly now empty. I've lost all of the links!!! When I look at my DEV site, they are still there, unfortunately my last push to my DEV site was on 10/21. So the problem happened between 10/21 and 11/11.

When I add a URL to blubrry, I get a 404 file not found error in the admin panel upon initial save. If I update the post again, the error is gone and the URL is there (I now have 4 posts where I had 140 2 weeks ago).

1 - Why is PowerPress suddenly having an issue with Amazon S3 links? (The initial save changes ONE of the \ (backslashes) to a / (forward slash).
2 - Is there anyway to copy a custom field (.mp3 field) into blubrry's URL field?

Very frustrating to lose all of my work in your plugin.

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Re: PowerPress Plugin Lost all Audio URL's
« Reply #1 on: November 12, 2018, 12:35:18 pm »
Please go here:
Click the Select link underneath All Other Inquiries and choose Technical Support. Fill out the form with your questions and someone will get back to you with assistance.

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