Author Topic: Is Anyone Looking To Outsource Their Podcast Editing?  (Read 1517 times)

Jeremy Enns

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Is Anyone Looking To Outsource Their Podcast Editing?
« on: March 27, 2016, 01:14:09 am »
Hey everyone,

My name is Jeremy and I'm a sound engineer looking to take on new podcasts for editing.

I currently edit and upload The Dreamaholics Podcast, and although I'm fairly new to podcast editing, I have 5+ years experience working with and editing a variety of other forms of audio. More on that in a bit.

I excel at audio editing in Pro Tools, handling the editing, noise removal, mixing, mastering, ID3 tagging and file transfers and uploads in an efficient manner. I have 5+ years of experience recording and editing everything from guided meditations, to folk albums, to heavy metal demos. I love working with audio, and I'm CRAZY about the podcast medium!

I generally listen to 40+ hours of podcasts a week, so I am extremely familiar with the production style, listener expectations and nuances of the medium. Some of my favourites include The Tim Ferriss Show, This American Life, Freakonomics Radio, and Serial, among many more.

I went to school for audio engineering and production in Vancouver, Canada and since graduating have worked as an intern and assistant engineer at Fader Mountain Sound Studios, a world class facility, and freelanced as an engineer, producer, editor and mix engineer, recording and producing albums for local musicians. Besides music, I've worked on a number of spoken word audio projects including a year long partnership with the Vancouver Hypnosis Clinic producing a series of guided meditation recordings to be packaged and sold to the clients customers.

If you might be interested in working together please get in touch and we can discuss the podcast.