Author Topic: Does CloudFlare affect Blubrry Stats  (Read 1156 times)


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Does CloudFlare affect Blubrry Stats
« on: March 20, 2016, 05:09:27 am »
I recently set up CloudFlare on my site through a W3TC extension. It helps speed up the site, but I just noticed the following in the documentation. Do I need to do this to keep my Blubrry stats working?

Step 5: Preserve your visitors’ IP information

Because CloudFlare acts as a reverse proxy, CloudFlare IP addresses will now show up in your server logs, instead of the visitor IP address. If seeing the original visitor IP addresses is important to you, see Restoring visitor IP addresses.

If you are experiencing issues with GeoIP or .htaccess blocks not working properly on your site, installing mod_cloudflare will resolve the problem. Download the mod_cloudflare package at:

Note: This is not required if you created signed up through a CloudFlare Certified Partner.


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Re: Does CloudFlare affect Blubrry Stats
« Reply #1 on: March 29, 2016, 05:04:19 pm »
Blubrry Statistics goes through different servers that are not managed by CloudFlare. You should not have any issues.