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Powerpress Automated Media Migration Instructions
« on: January 22, 2015, 08:09:40 pm »
The PowerPress Migration tool is simply incredible. We make moving your media to Blubrry Hosting Easy and Pain Free..  Sign up for podcast hosting today, and move your entire podcast media inventory to us in the click of a button.

1. Signup for Blubrry Hosting

2. Link your Blubrry Account in your Wordprerss PowerPress, Settings, Service and Stats page

3. Select - Migrate Media from PowerPress menu

4. Click Media to Migrate - Choose Media Type - Click Request Migration

5. Wait For Migration "check back on migrate page for status update periodically"

When media migration complete

(Backup your Database) We recommend using the WP-DB-Backup plugin to backup your database before proceeding.

6. Update your Episodes - We do this for you within the Migrate page you do not have to edit anything. 

7. Look at your old Podcast Posts and spot check they are linking to the new url and playing fine.

Celebrate - You are now on the Blubrry World Class Podcast Hosting Service!

Todd's Note: I had media everywhere, when I clicked Migrate Media I moved over 2000 media files. I told Angelo if this works for me it will work for anyone.. All of the media was migrated and the best part I was able to update over 1000 blog posts with the new media link automatically with the PowerPress Media Migrate Tool.. This gives long time or new podcasters the ability to move their media with no hassle.
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