Author Topic: Yes you Have to use our Stats Service to be on most Ad Deals!  (Read 5232 times)


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Question: Why do I have to use your stats service to participate in advertising deals?

Answer: This is a multi-part answer!

1st We have to be able to measure your show, so that as we put together a proposal for a specific vendor we know first of all what we are capable of delivering. When I have accurate statistics for shows I can give a very precise number in the number of impressions we will be able to deliver to the advertiser. If we are putting together a proposal and your show is not using the stats, we will pass over your show and not even consider your show for an ad deal.

2nd. Having your show running the stats gives me an inside look at how often you are producing your show and how many of your fans are following each episode.  I can see the break-out of listeners by country and how the media is being consumed.

3rd Trust but verify: I get emails all the time that the host says I am the #1 show in this specific category and that they are reaching a 100k listeners per episode. When you are running on our stats service I can verify those claims, and see how the show best fits into a upcoming campaign.

Note: We do not get hung up on the numbers, what we do focus on is what they actually are and what a show can be relied upon to deliver each month.

4th If I am expecting a show to deliver a 10k downloads a month and they can only deliver 1k a month then I will effectively loose money as I will not be able to deliver what I contract for.

5th Once you are using our stats service you are also tied into our reporting system, that allows us to send reports to the advertiser on a weekly basis on how their money is being spent.

Here is the bottom line. You get free access to our stats service. You get to be considered for ad deals. If you are not using our stats service then I will give the ad inventory to someone that is. Invest 20 minutes to get set up on our stats service and that way I can consider you for future deals.

To start using our Podcast Statistic service.

1. Login to
2. Click Manage Account
3. Click Measure
4. Follow Instructions by clicking Getting Started
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