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Blubrry Official Announcement #21
« on: February 08, 2007, 01:17:47 am »
Hi Folks

-- Contest Winner

This is a Quick Update for those of you in the Blubrry Community. I want to announce the winner in the Countdown to 1000 podcasts contest. The Winner of an iPod goes to "CoffeeCAST with Project X" his Blubrry page is at you will notice that he has completed his show profile, and lucky for him he has also completed the podcast advertising survey. Congratulations to Stephen on winning our Countdown to
1000 contest have fun with the iPod

--- Welcome New Community Members

I want to welcome all the new podcasters to the Blubrry community, be sure to subscribe to the blog feed and stay tuned to the Brrycast at  the official Podcast of the Blubrry Network. Rob our terrific marketing director has also been producing a series of instructional videos at   that will walk you through all of the features on the website.

We also encourage you to go to and read all the past official announcements that
we have put out since our launch.


For all of you that are new it is critical that if you want to become involved in any of our ad campaigns that you get your ad survey filled out and for those that have been here a while keep it current if you need more info on filling the survey out visit

Update on GoDaddy Campaign:  I have about 4-5 more shows to add to the campaign and will get those out tomorrow. If you have filled out an application and it has been longer than 7 days drop me a line immediately at . If you are new to the network and have your ad survey filled out, send me an e-mail with the subject GoDaddy Application and I will forward you the GoDaddy Advertising application.

As a reminder all payment amounts that we share in private correspondence is 100% confidential.

April 1st start date for GotoMeeting and GotoMyPC campaigns, I am still awaiting the new contracts bit I will be in touch will all current GotoMeeting participants and sending out prospectus to all that meet the campaign criteria. Remember the cool thing about Blubrry is we find you advertising and you can always OPT out of any deal we present. It's the best deal in podcasting.

--Site Update

Angelo is finishing the Juice it buttons that you will be able to place on your blogs. The Juice it Button will allow you to promote your shows on blubrry. When your listeners Juice your show on your website blog pages or on the Blubrry site you will be able to get extra exposure on the blubrry homepage.


I want to thank each and every one of you for choosing to be part of the community and we hope that you will continue to help us build awareness for this site where our only goal is to simply give you Visibility that is unparalleled of any podcast site, be part of a Community that works together towards common goals, and honoring your ownership of your shows. We always want your needs to come first and that is why we do not wrap advertising around your content and why we allow your branding to be place on your show pages. This is your community and we hope you help us build awareness for
listeners looking for current content.

Todd Cochrane


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