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Blubrry Official Announcement #22
« on: March 01, 2007, 03:20:18 am »
Hi everyone

What a fantastic couple of weeks it has been as we have been seeing some significant growth within the Blubrry community and also with personnel positions being filled here at RawVoice. I want to take a few minutes today and update all of you on what is happening at and catch you up on what we have cooking.

If you're new to the community we'd like to welcome you. Be sure to check out the resources at the bottom of this e-mail. Most importantly my team is here to serve all of you and help your shows to grow and prosper.

On to the business at hand. A little over a week ago the RawVoice team met in Chicago and we locked ourselves in a hotel suite for four days mapping out the future of RawVoice and the future of all of our product lines. While much of what we discussed is on the low down, we are very very excited with the forthcoming year!

We did take time to record a Brrycast at and Rob was up to task and secretly recorded some video at

Let me quickly cover Site Features

You will now see a new icon on your episode pages that allow people that find a episode compelling to juice your show. In the very near future we will have a widget that you can place on your blogs so people can juice your shows from your home sites. This is a great way to get exposure on the front page of Blubrry but also allows our audience members to find new and engaging content that has broken out above the fold.

Statistics in the next couple of days. In the "Your Settings" section will be a new linked to a page that will describe how to use our statistics package. Those of you that have completed a advertising survey will be able to use our stats engine for "free" so long as your survey data is not older than 90 days. Those that do not want to fill out the advertising survey will be able to pay for the podcast stats service for a small annual charge.

We have worked very hard to develop what I consider a podcast statistics system that will give you in-depth information about your audiences. We will send a special notice when we turn on this new feature and will continue to expand what we report based upon your feedback and needs.


We are very close to getting our new advertising contracts and while many of you have signed up for the ongoing GoDaddy promotion which by the way is open to everyone on Blubrry (with a completed ad survey) we have some new promotions and vendors getting ready to be introduced. For those of you that have ad surveys filled out and have shows that meet the ad requirements you will be receiving the new ad proposals in the next couple of weeks for a April 1 start with a 90 day run.


Unlike other sites we are going to start removing shows that have not been updated in 90 days. It does no one any good that is in this community to have to have search results mired by shows that have podfaded. Thus you will see us removing listings to keep the audience experience high. We will always try to research and see if a show has moved before we remove it but podfaded podcasts will be canned from the community.
Community Building:

The community is now at about 1100 shows, and while some of you have more than one show we want to make sure that everyone not in advertising deals with us are following the Blubrry Terms of Service in mentioning the community in their podcasts in a non-obtrusive way we have some audio samples created by Blubrry podcasters if you want to use something that is pre-recorded. If each and every podcaster in the community mentions Blubrry we will drive literally millions of eyeballs at the site which will result in more exposure for each of you.

RawVoice Team: I want to welcome Jeff Hinz to the RawVoice team he has taken over all facets of the day to day operations of the website and will be acting as Program Manager for that network. Jeff is a high level marketing executive by day and RawVoice Team member and podcaster by night. We will be making an official announcement shortly, but he has already jumped in with both feet.

Announcements: We will have a special announcement in the next couple of weeks that we are very excited about, that will open up some opportunities for a segment of the Blubrry community. Again for all our new community members welcome to Blubrry.

Todd Cochrane CEO RawVoice

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