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Ad Question
« on: June 03, 2013, 12:55:21 am »
I'm using the free stats service, and I'm not clear about something.

We have a show that is only two weeks old and have absolutely no track record right now, so I'm not expecting to set the world on fire with ads, nor am I expecting any campaigns to come knocking on my door any time in the near future. I'm not worried about that -- podcasting is fun, the stuff I podcast about is fun, and it's worthwhile in that way.

However, there seems to be a catch-22 here that I'm not sure about.

To use the free media stats, you cannot have advertising from other sources, in my understanding. Which means if you hope to get any sort of advertising in the future, it has to come from Blubrry.

Does that mean I cannot talk about or link to my Audible affiliate? Or my Amazon affiliate links? If I am going to use those, do I need to drop the Blubrry free stats?

I want to make sure I am doing things right, and do not want to take advantage of free services when I am breaking the terms. But because my show is so new and so small, I know that an advertising campaign here is not very likely at all, so I wonder if I would be better off NOT using the free stats and focusing on the smaller, more immediate types of things that an Amazon link on blog posts might bring. I've had some success bringing in a small amount of money with that, enough to cover cost of operations.

I just want to make an informed decision. Thanks!


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Re: Ad Question
« Reply #1 on: June 03, 2013, 11:09:31 am »
Todd will reply in detail, but your statement "you cannot have advertising from other sources". The terms say you can have ads from other sources as long as they are not already working with Blubrry. If they are on the list of advertisers already working with Blubrry, you cannot go around us and work with them directly. If you have your own deal with someone who's not advertising with blubrry, you are fine.

BUT if you plan on doing podcasts with advertising and you do not participate with Blubrry for advertising, then you need to get a paid statistics account. In a nutshell...

  • Don't do any advertising in your podcast - Free or Paid Statistics
  • Do advertising with Blubrry - Free or Paid Statistics
  • Do advertising with Blubrry and with others - Free or Paid Statistics
  • Do advertising with others only (you did not fill out the blubrry advertising survey) - Paid Statistics required

2 years ago we found a competitor was using our statistics to work with our advertisers. I believe the advertisers contacted us about the campaign because it's our data, but we were not managing the campaign. This was a major problem for the sponsor if you can guess. We changed our terms of service to deal with this scenario, hence the complicated terms. The company in question now has a paid statistics account through our enterprise Statistics, because they do not want involved with the sponsorships they have.

Blubrry and RawVoice statistics are identical, except RawVoice stats are intended for enterprise clients, where Blubrry statistics are discounted (or free) for independent podcaster use.

Hope this makes sense. Todd will answer your other questions.

On the opposite side of this, if you have a sponsor that wants more inventory, you can introduce them to us and receive a 10% finders fee.  You can make more bringing a deal to us, because we can then place the show in hundreds of podcasts, not just your own. So if a campaign nets you $3k/month, imagine what it would brig you with a 10% finders fee on a 100k/month "gross" deal (That's 10k). And the finders fee only applies to additional campaigns, the original campaign you worked out with your advertiser is between you and your advertiser (think of the finders fee as a bonus).


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Re: Ad Question
« Reply #2 on: June 03, 2013, 11:28:13 am »
If you are doing Audible Affiliate aka CPA deals we have no issue. If you are doing Audible CPM deals than that would be an issue as we have ongoing Audible CPM deals available.  We do not have any deals going with Amazon so you are ok with them as well..