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The Toughest Day for All Chinese People
« on: September 12, 2008, 10:42:31 am »
Aug.18th, 2008, will be remember by all Chinese peopole who love Athletics especially for those who love the track and field. China’s great hope for gold in track, Liu Xiang,decided to quit the match because of suffering an hamstring injury.

Coming into the 2008 Beijing Games, China’s star hurdler was hampered during his training by a series of hamstring injuries and recurring Achilles inflammation. With the pressure of a nation on his back, however, Xiang pushed on and was determined to compete. This decision yielded heartbreaking results as Xiang attempted to push off the blocks only to crumple to the ground in pain. Instead of racing to the finish line, Xiang was forced to leave the track and seek treatment for his aching heel.

The National Indoor Stadium was packed thousands of people who are all looking forward for the appearance of Xiuxiang. When Liu finally showed up in the racetrack, the venue was boiled, all of the audiences cheered for Liu. But after his twice attempts, all of the people on the spot and thousands of audiences who were watching TV was shocked with his deciding to quit.

After this event,a press conference was held immediately by Chinese track team. Liuxiang’s coach,Sunhaiping introduced the situations of Liuxiang’s injury. During his introductions, he couldn’t help burst into tears for the painfull and pressure of Liuxiang suffered.

As a common Chinese, I’m very sorry about every thing happened. We all know that, how important this match is for Liuxiang and what means to him of his quitting. Maybe this is his only chance to attend Olympic in his own country during his athletic career. It will be the greatest pity in his hurdle career. On the other hand, I totally undstanding Liu, and will support Liu just as before. I also supposed that noone will blame him instead of worrying about him, and hoping that he can get well soon and get back to the field soon. Because Liu has become the national hero in all the Chinese people’s heart.

When he bent his back, stared his Nike track shoes custom-built specially for the Beijing Olymplic Games, noone can understand that kind of feelings but himself, I think. Let’s just forget about it and give him some quiet time to have a good rest, and don’t give him any more press, he has taken so much.

Liuxiang,just give you our best wishes.We will always love you and surrport you. You are the true hero in our hearts forever.