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Feed Disaster - Need Guidance
« on: February 04, 2013, 09:02:40 pm »
OK, here is the readers digest version. Could really use some help.

I created my podcast a couple of years ago. Couldn't find much info on setting it up when I did and screwed a couple of things up in the process. Ended up using Blubrry and things have worked seamless for two years until now.

While on a podcast break I started having feed issues with my site and Feedburner. Had to reduce the feed size. Fixed that though the Feedburner feed is still hit and miss with updating.

The Feedburner feed is

Released 1st episode of new podcast season and checked iTunes today and found my show name had changed and only one show, (the most recently released) is there.

Show name in iTunes has changed also where it should read Catfishing Radio it now says Learn To Catch Catfish.

Here is the page in iTunes

I'm guessing from the looks of things I screwed up when I did all this two+ years ago and submitted the feedburner feed instead of found in Powerpress.

Any advice on how to troubleshoot this and get it working again so the show name is correct, episodes are showing in iTunes and I don't lose all my subscribers and reviews?