Author Topic: SALE: Behringer X1832USB mixer, $200 + shipping  (Read 5607 times)


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SALE: Behringer X1832USB mixer, $200 + shipping
« on: November 30, 2012, 11:24:38 am »
I have an extra, like-new Behringer X1832USB mixer. This is the same model I use in my podcasting and it is extremely versatile! Here are some of the features that stand out for podcasters:

  • Six XLR inputs each with their own compressors
  • Inserts for each XLR input for connecting external processing hardware (like a compressor/limiter/gate)
  • 1 auxiliary send, 1 FX send, and 1 monitor send, which are all great for Skype mix minus
  • Main and alt/sub stereo outputs, giving you four-track output for advanced recordings
  • Effects processor

This same 18-channel mixer works beautifully for me and I record in four tracks to my Zoom H4n.

I'm asking $200 plus shipping. Post here or email me if you're interested.