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Feb 2012 Newsletter
« on: February 12, 2012, 12:23:47 pm »
Blubrry takes it to 3.0!

PowerPress 3.0 is out, ladies and gents, and it’s already slammin’ the competition. Oh, wait, there is no competition. As always, Blubrry PowerPress brings the essential features for media creation to WordPress. PowerPress offers HTML5 audio/video player with flash fallback and multi-channel/multi-category podcasting support.

It also offers:

*Meta Marks a new feature that’s so fantastic that your going to want to learn more!
*Customizable HTML5 audio/video-play icons.
*Auto Media Length Detection added for .m4a/.mrv/.mp4
*Podcast channels tied to custom post types.
*Six languages includes Chinese, Danish, English, French, Italian and Romanian.
*Optimized for WordPress 3.3+ (WordPress 3.0 is now the minimum required).

So, whatcha waiting for? Go to and get even more of what you want, need and expect from exceptional offerings at Blubrry.

Support the company that supports you!

It’s winter and a bunch of us are trapped inside watching the snow pile up outside our windows and dreaming of brighter, longer days. What better way to pass the time than taking advantage of the excellent services Blubrry provides for creating, hosting and listening or viewing outstanding shows? Quick reminder of what we can give ya:

*Our media hosting plans start at $12 and are powered by a commercial CDN with worldwide distribution that has integrated ease of publishing for those of you who are using WordPress with our PowerPress plugin.
*Our premium media statistics free with hosting accounts, or for $5 a month for the most comprehensive stats available. Gain unsurpassed insights into your audience: Find out who is linking to you, listener-base demographics and geographical data with worldwide mapping. Try us! You'll find our custom reports and daily email summaries are info you can trust, track and build your business on.
*Don’t pay someone to host your listener survey. We offer a comprehensive survey embed to collect the critical demographics on your audience.
*Have more than five shows? Talk to us about having a custom channel and your own Roku, Boxee, Google TV, Samsung Smart TV app.
*Want to monetize? We do that best with podcasters earning full-time incomes through our media advertising deals.

They grow up so fast!

*Sniff* It seems like only yesterday Blubrry was a fledgling podcast community with a few start-up shows. Now its 10,000 shows big and strong and growing more every day! It’s a beautiful thing to see! And as we hit “puberty,” our collective mind is expanding with new and exciting shows, genres and topics, adding to Blubrry’s spirit and personality as a whole. We just wanted you to share in our joy and to thank you again for being a part of our burgeoning Blubrry family.

CEO Corner:


Recent lockout of Podcasters accounts on Mevio should be once again a wake-up call for content creators to not have their valuable media properties locked into a system someone else owns. This is the third or fourth time in a couple of years “free” sites figured out there is not a business model in “free.”

We have some simple advice that will ensure you are never locked out. You’re building your media empire, have some pride!

    Buy your own .com; build your brand not someone else's
    Get a web hosting account and install WordPress
    Install PowerPress Podcasting Plugin
    Buy a nice template, or pay someone to make you one to fit your show and brand
    Purchase Media Hosting with Statistics from (always keep a backup)
    Most Importantly, always control your rss feed. It is a very valuable asset.

Then and only then list your show on sites such as Don’t let a companies changing priorities leave you and your audience hanging.

Todd Cochrane
CEO, RawVoice
ceo [at]
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