Author Topic: Can Powerpress Display audio chapters in a table (see graphic)  (Read 2888 times)


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We host chapters of various audio books - or or Christian books we produced....

I used to do that easily with podpress but the transition is not that easy because once you post audio file it asks if you have another file to post right there. 

Besides short codes - powerpress  defaults to only  1 audio file per post or page  is there an easier way to do this?  So what is an easier way to tightly display the chapters sequentially on display//download page on the website or is short codes the only flexibility I have to placement like putting the placement/display short code in a table?

Can I use the Powerpressplugin to continue to display local media on the website site for local display and download  [/u] and then use Bluberry PowerPress to control the feeds and talk to Itunes regarding some other files for a wider distribution?

I would like to display some Audio-books with chapters on the website -- and not really want them on Itunes and I like the local download stats and views...I now get from podpress.

Then other books I want to be included into the feed,  and so they end up on Itunes all handled by powerpress.

Am I headed for a headache??

What am I missing.....???

Can Powerpress do both and be flexible in how many chapters I can display on the page??



Here is what it looks like  --you can see the chapters on the left
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Re: Can Powerpress Display audio chapters in a table (see graphic)
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I was not able to see the graphic.

If what you mean is, can you use the powerpress short code to display players on a page?  Yes.  Just specify the file in each short code and put them where you want (in a table would be fine).

As long as the local files you want to have players for are on the server accessible, then this will work. Also, put them on a PAGE (not a Post) and they will not be in any feed.

As far as super custom layouts and such, that would be something a web designer would need to do for you. Powerpress is mainly for podcasting and not stand-alone players although it will do that.



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Re: Can Powerpress Display audio chapters in a table (see graphic)
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Thank you Mike for confirming what the documentation was leading me to believe...

I have really just begun to appreciate the Forum and the excellent documentation online. Thank you .

Thank you