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Blubrry Podcast Community Newsletter 6-24-08
« on: June 24, 2008, 09:05:24 pm »
Blubrry Community Update

First of all I want to welcome all of the new members to the community. Since our last update 260 new members have joined the Blubrry podcast community. We have a lot of moving pieces at the current moment with some big announcements to come this week, but I need to get this newsletter update out today primarily because of quarter three podcast advertising insertion orders that have just come in and some other developments.

The New Media Expo will soon be upon us so I hope those of you attending will stop in and see us in Vegas. We will have a special announcement later in the week about the New Media Expo Party we hold every year.

-First Item I want to update you on is the Premium Podcast Statistics. We have gotten a number of complements on the advanced features available with the premium statistics. We are seeing a steady number of podcasters subscribing to the premium stats to make it easier to sign up for premium stats an online shopping cart will be available this week. If you have a testimonial about our stats services please send us an email.

-Second Podcast Publishing and Hosting is finally here we have finished beta testing, thus we will be rolling out the combined publishing and hosting service directly.

-Third and the most important topic is on Podcast Advertising.  We received the Q3 insertion orders from Citrix today! It is important those on the current Q2 buy and those that may want to be on the Q3 buy read below.

Those of you on current Q2 buy, Todd will be in contact in the next few days, to inform you on whether you are eligible for Q3 renewal. Please update your advertising surveys with current audience sizes or any changes to your shows.

Those Podcasters that would like to be considered for the Q3 GotoMeeting/GotoMyPC Advertising Campaign need to do a couple of things. First we will be adding a significant number of shows to this quarters buy as the advertising dollars have been increased. Second to be eligible your advertising survey must be current, to update it you can through the "manage account" link.  I will be submitting shows to Citrix that are eligible to be on the buy Thursday morning. I can foresee adding a 100 or more shows to the Q3 buy.

Only Shows that fall into these broad categories are eligible Tech, Science, Business, Education, Travel or General Topic shows. The content needs to be largely child safe and you have to produce a minimum of 2-4 shows a month. There are case by case exceptions to this.

Finally later in the week we will have another newsletter to send out with some exciting events. If you are coming to Podcamp Ohio three members from the Blubrry team will be there we are looking forward to hanging out.

Team RawVoice