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Blubrry Ad Deal Basics
« on: January 18, 2007, 04:51:27 pm »
    Here is some basic (but very important) information on the advertising revenue opportunities for members of the Blubrry community.

    • Only podcasts that are signed up as members of the Blubrry community or work with partner networks are eligible for our ad deals.
    • We negotiate and present for your consideration one ad spot for your podcast.
    • You have the right to refuse any spot that you don't want to run in your podcast.
    • We do not guarantee an ad deal for every podcast but we certainly try hard to provide as many opportunities as possible.
    • In order to increase your eligibility for ad deals you should fill out the Blubrry ad survey for each podcast that is a part of the community.
    • In order to dramatically increase eligibility for ad deals you must be using our free stats service for at least 14 days!
    • When you accept certain ad deals you are entering into a binding contract. So if the deal runs for a specific period of time you must continue with your podcast on Blubrry until the end of the ad deal.
    • Payments for ad deals are usually based on either a Cost Per Thousand (CPM) impressions or Cost Per Acquisition (CPA) basis.
    • For CPM ad deals you shall use our free stats service so we can see how many impressions the ad spots received for that month.
    • For CPA ad deals you will be paid based on how many customers you refer to the advertiser. This is typically tracked via special promo codes.
    • Payment for ad deals typically takes 8 weeks from the end of the campaign month. This allows both sides to gather data, confirm final settlement, mail checks and resolve any disputes.
    • Blubrry gets 30% of the revenue and podcasters get paid 70% of the revenue they earn.
    • Overall requirements may differ from deal to deal.

    These are the basics. Some deals may be more complicated than others. Another important point is this. You are always free to negotiate your own individual deals for your podcasts. Blubrry makes no claim on any monies received from deals you negotiate on your own. However, if you have an advertiser who desires more exposure then you can bring them to us and we will pay you a percentage of any resulting ad deal as a finders fee.
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