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Podcast Faq @
« on: January 27, 2008, 02:25:13 pm »
RawVoice announces soft launch of

At RawVoice, we want to hear your voice. Therefore we are introducing to you, our podcasting community, to cover all your information needs.

The impetus for began months ago when Brian, RawVoice creative director, and Angelo, CIO, began discussing ways too consolidate our cumulative podcasting knowledge. Our CEO, Todd, suggested, a domain he had picked up in a GoDaddy domain auction for $5. Brian and Angelo took the domain and ran with it, pulling the site together with our various previously written and/or published data.

Today, we are soft-launching pre-loaded with a gamut of valuable information. It is our hope that you will all take an active roll in building this site and enabling it to be the premier landing page for people who want to learn more about podcasting for the listener, potential podcaster and those already creating content.
While we think we know a lot about podcasting, we are quite aware we don't know everything. We hope the collective contributions of the 2,000 show producers that we work with, aka "You," will help us build PodcastFaq into a world-class informational podcast website.

We encourage you to blog about, talk about it in your shows, and please, please help us make the site better. We want you to submit articles for inclusion and review, suggest changes to the topics we've covered, and help build out all the info that needs to be included on the website.

By soft-launching PodcastFaq only in our communities today, we are giving you the opportunity to add to the conversation, and be the thought-leaders in the areas in which you are a expert. PodcastFaq is brand agnostic; we want to have contributions from as many people as possible. It will not be a site where people will take commercial advantage.

By promoting, submitting articles and suggesting changes you will help grow. Please join the forum for open discussions and send article submissions via our contact form

The RawVoice Team