Author Topic: Libsyn Shows eligible for most Advertising Campaigns  (Read 7261 times)


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Libsyn Shows eligible for most Advertising Campaigns
« on: April 16, 2011, 03:21:39 pm »
Question: I have my Media Only hosted at Libsyn can I participate in your advertising Campaigns.

Answer: Yes so long as you can use our Free Podcast Statistic Service.

Question: Can I use my stats from Libsyn on your advertising campaigns.

Answer: No, We are 100% accountable to our advertisers in measurement and reporting. Our Advertising Campaign Management System is 100% integrated from campaign planning, in campaign management / reporting and billing. If your not in the system you add undue overhead to our campaigns. We have spent 1000's of hours building a complete system that guarantees that you get paid what you deserve and that we report accurately to the vendor.

Question: I am hosting both my media and have my website on a libsyn website can I participate in advertising campaigns.

Answer: Maybe, some podcasters have asked Libsyn to implement stats service and some have figured out how to get it to work. We will only pay you on what we measure bottom line. For those that have their sites locked into the libsyn infrastructure please read my comments below.

General Comment: Content creators get locked too often into walled gardens that they cannot escape, which results in issues when it comes to start paying the bills. Our advice to all content creators is to have your own point of presence .com first, and then use secondary services to help drive new listeners to your show. Always promote your .com first and foremost which you own and control.
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