Author Topic: Can you find an Advertiser for my Podcast  (Read 4619 times)


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Can you find an Advertiser for my Podcast
« on: June 24, 2010, 09:26:43 pm »
The number one question I get asked by podcasters in relation to advertising is can you find an advertiser for my show.  The stock answer I give is that we have had great success in monetizing specific categories of shows.

But there are some exceptions  shows that are hosted on BlogTalk Radio, PodBean, Podomatic and Mevio are nearly impossible to put on ad deals because we have no way of accurately measuring the shows downloads because the podcasts are locked behind those companies walled gardens.

There are exceptions; the exception is that a content creator has setup a secondary website where people go to find the show.  It really boils down to one thing, if we can measure your show through our stats system there is no reason you cannot be on a advertising campaign.

If we cannot measure it, we cannot bill it, or report it. You can tell me how many listeners you have all day long but unless I can measure it I cannot monetize it.

But keep in mind we allow shows of all sizes to be on ad deals, smallest to the largest we welcome all shows.

Shows that are producing content on a consistent (schedule), and have their own website with decent branding and sound or video quality that is acceptable will qualify for ad deals!

A recent blog post spells out some guidelines as well !
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