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Are you a Fickle Podcaster
« on: September 25, 2007, 05:03:53 pm »
For some their Podcast is considered a very serious endeavor, and one that is produced and packaged in a way that they hope to turn into a business endeavor that makes them money. They are very serious and always meet and or exceed our expectations. They do not have to be hand held they read agreements completely and are in compliance with deals they have agreed to.

But other podcasters are what I term fickle, they want to make money with their podcast yet fail to meet advertising obligations for sponsors of their shows, and produce on a not so regular basis. They want the fame and the money that can be earned from their show but often times are willing to forgo the obligations that they have made for their shows for other activities.

95% of what I do at RawVoice is pure Joy in that we put a pile of money in podcasters pockets each month and have a lot of services and features that have the podcasters interest always at the forethought of our planning.

But I always dread end of the month reporting.

The 5% that I do that I hate usually revolves around issues with what I call a fickle podcasters it is a term I started using over year ago, some podcasters fickleness makes me want to tear my hair out. Fickle Podcaster do not appreciate what is being done for them, nor do they appreciate that what we do is a business, and agreements made with us are legal and binding.

Generally it goes like this. Hey Todd I did not do any podcast this month. Which translates into me not being able to collect on the XX,XXX downloads that the show was contracted to deliver as part of an contract for an advertiser. The podcaster makes no money and we loose money.

When asked why? It is generally because they had something else better to do.

Thus I have a Fickle File, it is a list of shows that we love to have as part of our community, but in the future will no longer offered CPM deals, because they have proven themselves to be fickle and cannot be relied upon to deliver what they agreed to deliver.

I would hope that none of you become a Fickle Podcaster and end up in my Fickle File. If you are going to be a Fickle Podcaster please let me know early in the month so I can replace you show with a show that can use the income and prevent yourself from being added to my Fickle file.

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