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If a user to a WordPress blog decides to delete his/her account.  How do I go about providing this functionality to him/her?

What would be especially useful is if I got a notice that this happened as well.  Perhaps in the form of an email to me.

I am not sure if this is a plug-in issue or not.

I found this plugin that seems to be exactly what I need:

   This plugin will allow your users to delete their own account without any need for interaction on the administrator's behalf.

   When a user wishes to delete their account, they are taken to a confirmation page where they must enter the word "yes" in order for the deletion to take place. Once they type "yes" and press the delete account button, they are redirected to the login page and they no longer exist as a user on your site.

The installation says:

1.Install the plugin either via FTP or Admin backend
   1.Activate the plugin
   2.Users will now see a "Delete My Account" menu in their admin panel.

Does that mean the dashboard?  If so, I did not see this menu in the dashboard of the test user I have created for my wordpress blog.

The author's web site for this plug-in does not offer a way to sign up for their support forum.  Maybe there is another better plug-in to use.