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The Basics of Media Statistics
« on: August 08, 2007, 10:19:08 am »
To see the latest demo and features visit

This is intended to be a very basic guide for accessing and using our Blubrry media statistics system.

The RawVoice Statistics system is designed to provide very reliable and easy to analyze information with respect to downloads for media hosted on the web. The system has been integrated with the Blubrry community in order to provide community podcast producers with appropriate tools to allow them to measure and monetize their podcast programs.

The RawVoice Statistics system uses an http redirect added to the original media file address to assist with the gathering of statistical data. This allows the media producer to utilize the system regardless of their native publishing system or media host. If you have access to the download links and enclosures in your RSS feeds then you can use this system.

    * Simple summary of downloads with latest 10 episode totals
    * Overall download statistics
    * Month download statistics
    * Overall episode download statistics
    * Month episode download statistics
    * Top 5 Platform totals for all summary and month views ( e.g . Mac, Windows, Linux)
    * Top 10 Client totals for all summary and month views (e.g. iTunes, Firefox, Juice)
    * Top 10 Country totals for all summary and month views
    * Top 10 Referer totals for all summary and month views
    * Printable reports
    * PDF reports

The System is open and free to all Members of the Blubrry Community.

Basic Usage
Access to Blubrry Stats is under the measure tab in you manage account section.

The Getting Started section explains how to implement the http redirect for your media files.

The Summary section shows a summary of download information for all of your episodes act
live on the system. This section also shows episode information for the 10 most recent episodes on the system.

The Overall section delivers more detailed data for all episodes on the system, including data on Top Platforms, Top  Clients and Top Referrers. This section also allows you access to episode level options. Clicking on a link to an individual file will provide detailed statistics for that file.

The two current episode level options allow you to remove the file from the system or edit episode information. The episode label and episode date are the only two editing options at this time.

Sharing Data
RawVoice Statistics system users may share their date by printing [] or exporting [] any page view to pdf. Additionally, since our stats layout is table friendly you have the option of copying page data and pasting in Word or Excel.

Known Issues
    * There may be a time lag for viewing stats of up to three hours from initial implementation of redirects.
    * Some clients and platforms are not yet identifiable but we add more each and every month

Disclaimer:We have had an excellent record and have backup provisions in place in case a server goes offline. Please note downtime should never exceed ten minutes. During these brief periods we are still collecting data. If you're seeing something that you don't think is right please post to the Media Statistics Board and we will get right on it.
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