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Blubrry Official Announcement #25
« on: June 12, 2007, 10:32:07 am »
It has been well over a month since I have sent out a community update. We have been very busy over the past month. Nearly the entire team was in New York City meeting with clients and talking to media buyers about podcasting. Some very exciting things coming down the pike. More on that later. I had a very full week in New York and enjoyed meeting up with the team and some of you as well.

Since we sent the last announcement out we have had 300 new podcasters join the Blubrry Podcast Community. First and foremost I want to welcome all of you to your community, and hope that you are promoting Blubrry in a non intrusive way in your podcast. Growing this community as a community will have benefits for those of you that have opted in to be a community member.

I encourage all of you to go to  and read all the old announcements to help get a flavor on where we have been and where we are going. The question I have been asked lately is this where is RawVoice and headed?

Well some major commitments had resulted in Angelo the lead developer at RawVoice putting in his two week notice with his employer today, and will be full time with RawVoice in two weeks. Expect updates to the site to start happening fast and furious.

Rob Safuto our marketing director has been full time for over a month now, and I will be joining the team full time on October 1st.

With Angelo, Rob, Todd and Jeevan coming on full time this is a major shift here in that we will be working hard to ensure that we have new innovative products and services that will allow all of these individuals to remain full time. RawVoice remains a non funded company in that we are in the traditional sense a company that is trying to survive on it’s own with no outside investors.

We have a lot to do before Podcast Expo and will be announcing some very innovative products and services in the coming weeks.

Most importantly RawVoice is in the Audience Connection Business we want to help audiences connect to you and your shows and we want to build a robust vendor list that connects you, your audiences to those vendors, which in turn allow you to earn a living with your shows.

The media meetings in NYC went well and we learned a great deal from meeting with top media buyers in the country. I will be sharing some of that info in a Blubrry Community meeting to be held on Thursday June 7th at 9pm Eastern 6PM Pacific on our Talkshoe partner site.  This meeting will also be a chance for you to give some feedback on Blubrry and talk in a open forum about the community. See for details.

I am currently working on several advertising deals so we hope everyone has their advertising surveys filled out. If you do not know how to do this please review this video.  I hope that you are following our commentary on our blogs at http://blog.blubrry.comand Subscribe to the RSS feeds as well if you can.

Rob and Jeff put out a new BrryCast that you are not going to want to miss. It was posted today.

Godaddy Payments- We have a pile of payments to make for GoDaddy. Payments will be going out from Jan through April in the next few days.

March GotoMeeting Payments- We have been promised the payment check will be sent by FedEx this week so we hope to have march payments shortly. The April payments should quickly follow for GotoMeeting and GotoMyPC as we are working with a new billing and payment firm.

The GoDaddy promotion remains open to all podcasters and I have sent out all promo codes if you have not gotten your promo codes e-mail me immediately at or if you want to be involved in that ad buy e-mail me for details as well.  Please complete the Blubrry ad survey first prior to emailing me.

Again we hope that you will join us on Thursday as we will be sending out an invite to the entire community Wednesday night as a reminder.

Todd Cochrane
CEO RawVoice

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