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Podcast Review: The HD Podcast
« on: May 24, 2007, 05:57:15 am »
The Statistics
What’s it called? The HD Podcast
What is the show’s website?
When was the first episode produced? January 2007
How long is the average episode? 5-10 minutes
How often is an episode released? Once a week

The Review

The HD Podcast, hosted by Aaron Bates, provides information and tips about buying and using all formats of high definition televisions. Episodes are short, around 5-10 minutes, and each one focuses on a specific issue. Topics covered to date include basics such as the pros and cons of the different types of hardware and explaining what to consider when choosing between blue ray and HD DVDs as well as more advanced issues such as maximising the picture quality of your existing DVDs. There are also news episodes which detail the latest happenings in the world of HD.

The information provided is useful to a variety of audiences and the fact that episodes are clearly identified means you can skip the episodes that aren’t relevant to your interests. More podcasts could benefit from this kind of disciplined identification of episodes. In addition, the information is presented well with jargon being used sparingly. When he does use technical terms Aaron defines them well without speaking down to the listener.

Aaron is an experienced podcaster so the early episodes of this show have none of the ‘getting used to the technology’ glitches that often occur.The production and sound quality are both consistently good from episode one onwards.

The website has the standard features for a podcast blog including a player and archives of all the shows. My only criticism is that the archived episodes would be more valuable if they were accessible in ways other than chronologically. This show is not time sensitive and could therefore be much more of a long term resource for people if episodes were accessible by subject or category (similar to the way Upon further Review has done at . A glossary of terms wouldn’t go astray either.

This podcast does a lot of things really well and is a great example of what I hope is a growth area for podcasts. I’d personally love to see this format copied for other technology such as digital cameras and common software applications.

The Rating
Will download every episode, listen to it immediately and, in all likelihood, become a stalker of the show’s host


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Podcast Review The HD Podcast
« Reply #1 on: July 08, 2009, 04:22:27 am »
Im currently working onto the new Podcast for phpBB3, a private version has been already released to my Valued Contributors Group, that means is not yet GPLed.


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Re: Podcast Review: The HD Podcast
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phpBB3 has podcasting support, or you mean your podcast is about phpBB3?