Author Topic: Episode#26-A Christmas Carol on The Coffeebreak with Mr.Coffeesleeve  (Read 3619 times)


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In the last episode of the year, The Coffeebreak with Mr. Coffeesleeve brings you a bit of holiday cheer in A Christmas Carol! Will Sleeve see the light after being visited by the Ghosts of Christmas, Past, Present and Future?  Can Nev find his pants? Make yourself a steaming hot cup of coffee, watch the snow pile up to the windows and tune in to find out on The Coffeebreak with Mr. Coffeesleeve!

The show is taking a long awaited break to recharge! We'd like to thank all of you who have come along for the ride this past year and a special thanks to all who encouraged us! Until long!

All episodes of The Coffeebreak with Mr. Coffeesleeve will continue to be available for free on iTunes, Blubrry, Digg, Digital Podacasts and always at, where you can also view the weekly cartoon at Dottie's Corner!

Have a great holiday and see you when we get back!
Mr. Coffeesleeve, Nev, The Kid, Announcerman, Turk and the Band, as well as the staff and crew of The Coffeebreak with Mr. Coffeesleeve