Author Topic: Episode#23 - The Halloween Episode - The Coffeebreak with Mr. Coffeesleeve!  (Read 4086 times)


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Sleeve and Nev decide to spook the neighborhood kids with a few tricks of their own on Halloween Night! Frankenstein, banshees, clones and assorted ghouls fight it out with the boys and guess who wins! The neighbors are mad as hell and they're busting out the torches and pitchforks! So grab something out of that big bowl of candy you have out two weeks early, grind some fresh roasted beans and wait for the doorbell to ring while tuning into The Halloween Special, which can only be heard on The Coffeebreak with Mr. Coffeesleeve!

The Coffeebreak with Mr. Coffeesleeve is a wicked comedy podcast series with unique characters and original materials. There is nothing like it and it can always be downloaded for free at ITunes, Blubrry, Digitial Podcasts, DIGG and always at!

Visit us at for additional fun and archived episodes!
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Is anyone like really looking to the skeleton ep?  I'm curious, but when heard it was Halloween, I was hoping it'd be costumes.  I'd love to see Conan in costume.


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