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While Sleeve's castle is being repaired from the hellacious destruction caused by the Squirrel of Death, we've packed the set onto Sleeve's nuclear sub and headed to sea to bring you The Bermuda Triangle Show! Strange things happen and Captain Sleeve, Nev and the crew try to navigate the mystical seas! Nev talks about his plans for NevRland, his chain of gigantic amusement resorts/FEMA Death Camps, funded with federal bailout gold bullion and CIA cash. The rides are spectacular! Play Dunk a Terrorist or ride the Tower of Osama! Tune in, grab your 3D glasses, try to avoid the shark's teeth while keeping your hands in the ride at all times, only on The Coffeebreak with Mr. Coffeesleeve!


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I saw a TV show some years ago that debunked the Bermuda Triangle. They tooka random area in the Eastern Atlantic the same size and shape as the Bermuda Triangle then checked insurance records. They found just as many ships and planes disappeared in the eastern region as in the Bermuda Triangle region.


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