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Never Not Funny
« on: October 07, 2009, 06:21:28 am »
Perhaps my favorite podcast is, unfortunately, one that isn't free (for the whole episode, anyway).  "Never Not Funny" has been going since 2006 and is hosted by comedian Jimmy Pardo.  He's a very quick and funny guy.  The show costs money, but I think it's worth it.  I would recommend that, if you're going to start listening, start by purchasing season one (the best season in my opinion).
Aside from that, there's "The Paul Goebel Show," hosted by the TV Geek from Comedy Central's "Beat the Geeks." 
Another podcast that I recommend, even though it looks as though it's finished, is called "Hudson and Gaines."  It's a mock radio show out of a fictional town called Great Haven.  It's legitimately funny.  I highly recommend it.


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Re: Never Not Funny
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Its nice.....


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Re: Never Not Funny
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oh yeah, didn't the producer used to be on the 'On The Page' podcast I think? Haven't listened since it's not a freebie - is it really worth paying for? I'm curious, there are so many good podcasts already. y'know?