Author Topic: Episode#22-The Hell Vacation in Orlando on The Coffeebreak with Mr. Coffeesleeve  (Read 3332 times)


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Ever think it would be great to hold a family get together in Orlando? The rides, great food and nice weather? Well, before you cash in whatever stock you still have left to book that dream vacation at Walt Wizney World, better check in with the boys! They're hosting 87 relatives at the park for a week during the worst heat wave Florida has ever seen. As they manage the dysentary outbreak, they also explore the underworld of Wizney to find and liberate the cryogenically enslaved body of Walt Wizney! If you think it turns out well, guess again and grab a cup of some fair trade bean, stretch out and reconsider that 5 grand you're about to blow, on The Hell Vacation in Orlando, which is only on The Coffeebreak with Mr. Coffeesleeve

Prepare yourself for the upcoming Halloween Special! Funny funny funny show!

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