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Title: Soundcloud AND Blubrry?
Post by: Brandon Dawson on May 02, 2018, 04:05:12 pm
I've seen a lot of "promoting your podcast" guides talking about using soundcloud as well as whatever else you're using to host. They all seem to assume that your files are hosted on Soundcloud, and then fed via RSS feed to wherever else you're making stuff available. I have no desire to move my files (currently hosted on Blubrry) to soundcloud, and re-jigger my RSS feed and whatnot. BUT I do think some of the soundcloud features ( most significantly the ability to create short sharing clips that can be used on Twitter, etc... and actually play media from within a social post) are attractive and useful. Therefore, my question(s):

1 - is there any way to populate my soundcloud list (or whatever) via my existing RSS feed? (I realize this is a soundcloud question, but what the hell...)
2 - is there any HARM to having files hosted on BOTH Soundcloud and Blubrry, but not using soundcloud's RSS feed... just having that as duplicate?  Understanding of course that doing so means I won't get any soundcloud data from my Blubrry stats.

What say?
Title: Re: Soundcloud AND Blubrry?
Post by: Shawn Thorpe on May 03, 2018, 01:29:34 pm
You can't treat SoundCloud as a syndication point like Apple Podcasts where you can just have SoundCloud update itself based on what's in your podcast RSS feed. You'll have to log in to SoundCloud separately and make posts for each episode there.

If you want to crosspost your media to SoundCloud, there's really no harm in that. Just make sure the Subscriber Redirect setting in the SoundCloud dashboard is set to use your current podcast RSS feed. That way, if someone should figure out how to subscribe to your SoundCloud podcast feed, they'll be subscribed to your other feed instead (which is what you want).

Keep in mind that SoundCloud free accounts are limited and will cut you off after a couple episodes unless you pay for a pro subscription. You can delete older episodes to free up more upload space if you want to go thru the hassle and not pay for a SoundCloud subscription. I'm not sure how much traffic SoundCloud's proprietary apps actually get. However, I think you'll find the ROI to be nominal in adding it as an extra step to your current publishing process.
Title: Re: Soundcloud AND Blubrry?
Post by: Brandon Dawson on May 04, 2018, 04:54:58 pm
SUPER helpful. Thanks @Shawn Thorpe!