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Title: Couple hosting questions
Post by: expo on April 15, 2013, 11:23:06 pm
I just signed up for hosting on the second level plan (don't remember what it is) and I hope this is the place for quesions

1.  I am getting a consistent download speed around 80k - 100k. Is that normal? What can I expect? Speedtest said I am getting a DL speed of about 24Mbps so I know the problem is not on my end. //edit This morning it is lightning fast.

2. Am I right to assume that the stats are collected on your end and any link to the file will be tracked in the stats? With podpress you needed a special tracking code. Guess that is not true here?

3. How do I change the blubrry powerpress tag from coming up in the 1 pixel out player? Thought that by using the MP3 tags feature in PowerPress it changes that.

Thanks for the help.
Title: Re: Couple hosting questions
Post by: angelo on April 16, 2013, 10:01:20 am
1. Download speed should be faster than playback requires. If it's a 10 minute audio recording, it should download within 1/2 that time, 5 minutes. We do no throttling, but for media, it is not uncommon for the media to be throttled by ISPs. If you can, check with a different hosting povider. Phone networks are definitely throttled.

2. Any link to a media file that is put in the "Media URL" field will be tracked. If you just put links in your blog posts they will not be tracked. This is by design, in case you wanted links to other media from other sites, say for a music podcast.

3. Go to PowerPRess Settings > Audio Players, and check the player to the player you wish. You can disable the player completely by going to PowerPress Settings > Appearance tab.
Title: Re: Couple hosting questions
Post by: expo on April 16, 2013, 10:28:23 am
1 & 3 Done. Thanks

About that second one.  I have a page with all of my media. With podpress I would simply copy the link and paste it in the page and the tracking information would copy over with it. I also add other links including videos hosted on youtube and graphics that go along with it.

If that will not be counted in the stats, how do I create a page that will track the stats of all 150 files (and counting)? My current page can be found here

#4 How do I see the media that was transferred over when I signed up? I currently can only see the files I upload from here on out but not the 150 files that were transferred.
Title: Re: Couple hosting questions
Post by: expo on April 17, 2013, 07:37:09 pm
I asked this question 2 days ago, is there a quicker way to get tech support? I signed up a week ago and I can't go live with my new site till I get the podcast worked out.

Title: Re: Couple hosting questions
Post by: angelo on April 17, 2013, 09:24:29 pm
We monitor the forums when we have free time.  Support for our free open source plugin is handled here on the forums or you can pay us as consultants for one-on-one phone/Gotomeeting sessions. learn more about our support options here:

For our paid services, if you are having problems please use our contact form Again this is covered on our support page We do prefer PowerPress questions like these to be asked here in the forums and when we get time we'll respond, this way the answers help fellow users (forum is searchable).

2. If you copy the link on the web page that has the statistics redirect implemented, then it would copy the tracking URL. Otherwise if you copy the URL you just pasted into the Media URL field from editing your blog post the tracking URL will not be in there. You can manually add the tracking URL, go to, sign-in, click "manage account". Go to "media stats", then click the "getting started" link, one of the options is to manually create the stats redirect. Again this is by design as many podcasters will paste URLs to media that is not theirs in their show notes and they do not want those URLs automatically tracked.

4. When your migration was completed you should have received an email to a link in the "manage account" section that lists all the media files and their statuses (if they migrated ok or not). You can go to this page by going to, sign-in, click "manage account". Go to "migrate media" (same page you went to when you started the migration request).

If you have high demands and need support 24 hours a day 7 days a week, we do offer professional services through our parent company, the cost though is in a completely different league than what we offer to podcasters through blubrry.  You get our cell numbers and a special email address that sends alerts to staff on call. Is this something you need?
Title: Re: Couple hosting questions
Post by: expo on April 18, 2013, 03:19:40 pm
Wow - Pretty snarky reply. Found about 15 sales pages, could not find a comprehensive FAQ. I am paying twice as much for media hosting as I am for web hosting and just wanted to know where my files were and how to use the tracking system. Hardly high demand questions. And there is no possible way I would pay extra to have basic questions about how to use your service answered. This is amazing.

But you have made it clear, on your forum, that you consider this more tech support then one should expect.

Got the information I needed though. Thanks.
Title: Re: Couple hosting questions
Post by: angelo on April 18, 2013, 03:41:50 pm
You asked for a quicker way for tech support, I gave you links and was as detailed as possible. Sorry you take this the wrong way.