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Title: Booty and the Beard Episode 8: You've Been Ricky-Rolled!
Post by: BootyandtheBeard on April 15, 2010, 09:57:33 pm
Episode 8: You've been Ricky-Rolled!

This week Ricky from Foul Monkeys (http://"") has stopped by to visit. Ryan discusses fried shrimp for far longer than necessary.

The trio talk about crazy Customer Service stories from their lengthy careers in various call centers, some of them sexual but mostly just weird.

Steffie is jealous that Ricky got to go on strike. Ryan doesn't understand the need for 411.

Ricky has ticklish feet which inevitably means some Asian jokes are made.

Ryan wants to get in between two dudes at the gym.

Mute Brandy and Quiet Robin might make an appearance on the show...increasing the need for alcohol prior to recording.

A discussion of water sports turns into a discussion about <i>water sports</i>.

Ricky went to a gay bar once (shocking!) and tells us about the different specialty areas within.

Ryan teaches Ryan about the rules of Booty and the Beard (http://"") news....or lack of it.

Lots of discussions on politicians that love cock.

Ryan and Steffie want to do a weekly segment on his harassment of an old religious lady at his job.

Several stories are started and never finished this episode but we'll probably get to them eventually....what is the background on the poofyhaired mystery guy? How did Ryan's mom invite him to Facebook?

A discussion on Foul Monkeys (http://"") co-hosts past and present.

It is determined that Ricky will not make it in Hollywood

Ricky gives Steffie an education on the life cycle of gay person he also gives us a rundown on gay terminology.

Ryan tries to bring it back to Moses being a secret Egyptian. Ricky agrees with Ryan on Australia's racism.

Ryan and Steffie want to go to different protests around town.

Steffie accidentally makes a cheesey joke about Alzheimers.

Ryan and Ricky might need a moment alone to deal with Ryan's tiny earholes.

Steffie tries to sell Ricky on the iBag. Ricky gives us info on the Ipad that makes Ryan say "Cute!!!" about twelve times.

Ricky gives us his man search criteria.

Ryan coins the phrase gaynopause".

Steffie is jealous of the gay lifestyle. She is also responsible for killing Ryan's carefree fun years.

Steffie hatches a plot to get drugs by pretending to be a lesbian and having Ryan be a gay dude. She feels confident she can pull it off. Ryan is not.

Steffie doesn't like the term bi-sexual, but insists all women are bi-sexual. Everyone disagrees on whether males can be bi-sexual.

Ryan knows a secret Mormon.

Please send all dick sucking inquries to (http://"") or call 206-984-3685

Foul Monkeys is celebrating their 300th episode by providing DVDs of every episode, every intro, every videos, and a special secret episode about the porch story. Check it out at Foul Monkeys (http://"") or follow @FoulMonkeys (http://"").

"Hold on let me put on my piss goggles"-Steffie
"Gay people are all druids,"-Ryan
"My ovaries are turning into raisins!"-Ricky

Intro Song: Diablo Swing Orchestra-Poetic Pitbull Revolution

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