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VFTQ episode 45- Scott Sigler interview
« on: March 17, 2007, 05:57:30 pm »
in this episode of the View From The Quad, I talk to world expert podiobooker, Scott Sigler <link> </link>
We talk about many things, including the first movie which made have to hide behind his dad, teachers holding you back from writing what you want to and his technology set-up over there in sunny San Francisco. I have started to complete my (currant) goal in podcasting, to interview some of the best authors and most interesting people in podcasting, and beyond. (Notice the open-ended 'Beyond')
We also talk about his next print novel, Ancestor, <link>  </link> (Make sure to buy it on April the First, and to bundle it with his other book, Earthcore to get the best deal)
If you want to enter the big competition for PROMOTIONAL POSTCARDS SIGNED BY SCOTT SIGLER, (Yes, it is important enough to warrant all caps) then you need to head on down to <link> </link> and press the button to the left which says "Win signed Sigler stuff" and click it. You shall then be given instructions on what to do next.
The question is "Name all four of Scott Sigler's podcast novels". (The answer is in the interview.)
Tune in next week  where I do my normal rant on Sci Fi, technology and so forth. The week after next, I will be talking to JC Hutchins on his books, The 7th son trilogy.

Remember to fill in the listener survey form, available at the website, or by clicking on this link. <link> </link>. Thanks!

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