Author Topic: My podcast sounds slow listening to it using blubrry or Digg. What did I do?  (Read 5597 times)


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Hey guys and gals, Michael here.  I was listening to my recent podcast on digg and it is playing back slow.  So I went to blubrry to see if it was something I did or something Digg did.  Well, of course, it was something I did I guess.  The problem is I have no idea what I did.  When I listen to my podcast in iTunes or click on the direct link on my website it sounds fine.  Any suggestions on where I went wrong? 

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Problems like this typically are related to the sample rate. Flash players have known issues with sample rates that are not 22050 or 44100. Your recording software should have a sample rate option when you export your files to mp3.

Lets us know what tools you're using and we can provide some more help.


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Rawvoice is right and I've checked your mp3 file. It's 48000khz... try to bring that down in your settings to 44100khz.

BTW: Just a short little technical critic about your show...: Your levels are way too low when it comes to your microphones. You should try to pump them up a bit so that they are as high as your music and packaging stuff. One way is to use the levelator ( ), it's free and it will adjust the levels without compressing anything. You might also want to try some cool little VST compressor. There are plenty of those who are not so complicated and does a very good job...