Author Topic: Ain't there too much categories in here?  (Read 5018 times)


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Ain't there too much categories in here?
« on: February 17, 2007, 03:32:01 pm »
It a very personal opinion and I hope this doesn't create any cat fight but here is something i've noticed about the forum...

There are too much categories in here. It's hard the keep up (even with theses little logos turning black) and it,s very annoying that you have to step out and get in each of them to stay up to date. It's also hard to come and try helping someone if theere is 2 or 3 help sections... (even if they are not the same kind of help)

I've managed and created forums before and I know with experience that a forum like this one would benefit and attract more readers if it wasn't that wide spilled. 3 or 4 categories would do the job. Here is what I would have done...

- Blubrry news center
- General discussions (.. alowing even podcast promotions)
- Help section (either it's Blubrry or Podcasting...)
- Trash and obselete (things moderators might want to move without locking or deleting ... ex.: fights, discussion that turned bad... etc...)

All the rest will organicly take a place in one of these... It would concentrate the traffic and would be less annoying to browse... When a section just get out of hand and when you see that the same things (subjects or questions) are coming back too often, then you create another section...

Suggestion.. that's all...



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Re: Ain't there too much categories in here?
« Reply #1 on: February 17, 2007, 04:05:11 pm »
Thanks for your opinion. As the forum grows it will be more efficient to allow people to post the content in specific sections. In the meantime I think that the best way to keep track of new posts in the forum is to subscribe to the Forum RSS feed in your favorite aggregator.