Author Topic: Wrong link for Google Podcasts feed pulling in to Podcast Directories  (Read 486 times)

Derek O'Neill

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In the latest Bluberry Powerpress Plugin you added Google Podcasts to the Podcast Directories. This feature seems to have autopicked up an incorrect google listing for my podcast. I have checked with Google Podcasts and it seems that it's picking up the http:// version of my feed rather than the https:// version which is listed on my website.
When I've plugged in the http:// version it is giving me the correct link.
Unfortunately the new update doesn't allow amendments to the link even though I now have the correct one from google. Is there any way of changing it.
The feed that google has picked up for my podcast is which returns

The code appearing on the Powerpress plugin is directing my visitors to the invalid link

Is there any way to change that?

Shawn Thorpe

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Please go here:
Click the Select link underneath All Other Inquiries and choose Technical Support. Fill out the form with your questions and someone will get back to you with assistance.