Author Topic: Error: Media URL exceeded redirect limit of 12 (fopen) after enable Cloudflare  (Read 282 times)

Chainarong Tangsurakit

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Hi Support,

I have a problem when i tried to verify Media URL in Wordpres Blubrry plugin.

I got below error

"Media URL exceeded redirect limit of 12 (fopen).

But i test the URL it's actually working.

What i think it's related is that I just change my DNS to Cloudflare (In order to get HTTPS certificate)

And i did enable "Always use HTTPS" in cloudflare

This setting make it doesn't work.

If i turn this off, i can verify the url (with http) successfully.

But my users won't get redirect to https website.

Is it something related to blubrry? can it be fixed?

Can someone gave me an advice how to solve this problem?

Shawn Thorpe

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Are you using Cloudflare to host your podcast media files? Cloudflare tends to have a lot of issues with delivering media files. It's not really set up for that.

If you're sure the media file URL is good, you can still use it. Just save the post, even if you get the redirect warning after you try and verify the media file URL, PowerPress will still publish the Podcast Episode and add it to your podcast RSS feed.