Author Topic: Nashville Boogie spotlight/ Rockabilly N Blues Radio Hour 04-16-18  (Read 372 times)

James Riley

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It's all about the BOOGIE on the Rockabilly N Blues "Boogie" Hour (link below)!  We hear from just SOME of the many great artists performing at this year's Nashville Boogie Vintage Weekender!  Too many great artists to squeeze into one hour!  Hear tunes from The Hillbilly Moon Explosion, Polecats, Levi Dexter & Gretsch Brothers, Larry Collins, Deke Dickerson, The Tremors, Celine Lee and the Texas Three, McKinley James, The Hi-Jivers, The Rocketz, Narvel Felts, Tav Falco - Panther Burns, Little Lesley & The Bloodshots, Lara Hope & The Ark-Tones, The Paladins, The Planet Rockers, Royce Porter, EDDIE & thee Scorpions, Charlie Hightone, Will & The Hi-Rollers, Greasemarks and Colton Turner!  Put your dancin' shoes on and get ready to boogie!  Hear episode here: