Author Topic: How to make PowerPress RSS feed use the post's Featured Image as episode image  (Read 696 times)

Allan Tépper

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How can I make the PowerPress-generated RSS feed use the post's Featured Image as the episode image?

My show episode graphic is 3000x3000 and is working fine. However, the episode image (which is in the post's Featured Image and in the MP3) is doesn't seem to be included in the RSS feed.

My RSS feed (generated by PowerPress) is
The show website is which actually redirects to
I have WordPress 4.7 and PowerPress 7.0.3. I also use Simple Podcast Press as a player, although I have this issue since before using Simple Podcast Press as a player.

Thanks in advance.

Shawn Thorpe

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There's nothing in PowerPress that currently allows for usage of a post's featured image. If this is something you'd like to see in a future version, send an e-mail to Angelo: with the suggestion.