Author Topic: Showing latest podcast episode on site other than the one where RSS is hosted  (Read 421 times)


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My podcast is published on one of my sites. I have another site, and I want to automatically show the latest podcast episode (along with a play button) in the sidebar of that site.

I imagine I can't use just a shortcode to pull in the latest episode on the other site.

Does anyone know how to do this?

Shawn Thorpe

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The PowerPress player does have an embed feature for individual episodes but not playlists. The media files would have to exist on the second site in order to make a playlist on the second site. You might be able to do this even without using PowerPress on the second site. WordPress has its own built-in playlist feature that the PowerPress playlist is based on. You might be able to use just that to get this done. I’m afraid I’m not personally familiar with the WP playlist function but you could research it to see if it’ll do what you want.