Author Topic: Adjusting the length of my show notes for iTunes  (Read 497 times)


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Adjusting the length of my show notes for iTunes
« on: May 09, 2015, 05:34:38 pm »
I've created a Wordpress website where I plan to make my audio podcast available to listeners via the Powerpress plugin. I'm planning to have Blubrry host my media files, and I'd like to use the feed created by my Wordpress website ( as the feed that I send to iTunes. I plan on having rather lengthy show notes on my Wordpress website, but I've heard that having lengthy show notes could limit the number of episodes I can have in my feed. What does that mean exactly? Does it mean that I can only have, say, six episodes displayed on iTunes if I have lengthy show notes, vs. 50 episodes displayed on iTunes if I have very brief show notes? If that's the case, why do I see some podcasts on iTunes offering 50 episodes, all of them having lengthy show notes? Could someone please clarify for me whether or not having lengthy show notes impairs my ability to have lots of episodes displayed on iTunes? Thanks.

And a related question: I'm perfectly fine with having just a brief summary of each episode displayed on iTunes, so long as I can still have lengthy show notes on my Wordpress website. In fact, that's how I would prefer to have it. Given that I'm using the Powerpress plugin and plan to have my media files hosted by Blubrry, how do I arrange it so that my show notes on iTunes are brief, while my show notes on my Wordpress website are lengthy? Thanks!


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Re: Adjusting the length of my show notes for iTunes
« Reply #1 on: May 11, 2015, 10:35:57 am »
We have the perfect thing for you built right into powerpress!

In the feeds tab of your powerpress settings (as long as you are using the default feed or a channel feed and not category feed) you can turn on the feed maximizer.  What that does is keep everything in the first 10 episodes in the feed and reduces the number of tags and other things in the rest.  We have users that have 299 episodes in iTunes with no problem using this option.  (299 is iTunes' limit)