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Kono Vidovic

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How to make a podcast.
« on: May 13, 2015, 03:02:50 am »
Hello everybody!

My name is Kono Vidovic from Amsterdam - NL and i'm new on this forum. In my journey for some challenges i have with the Power press plug-in for Wordpress i came across this beautiful community.

I want to share my latest article on "How to make a podcast" with you guys and see what you think of it, It's a very basic write up in a nutshell i try to explain what is needed to start your own podcast, like the branding, consistency and of course the equipment. If there is enough interest i'm going to expand the article with more information and even in depth how to's, for example how to get your podcast in Itunes and the Power press plug-in.

You can find the article here: ""

I'm really curious on how you feel about the article.

I've been making my podcast for over 2 years I'm currently at Episode 119, my podcast is a weekly 2 hour electronic music show, where i play a lot of music, talk about new releases and artist, i have guest DJ's, quality mixes.
I created my website as an extension for it and as a part of the branding, I'm always into collaborations so i you have any good ideas, hit me up!

You can find the podcast right here.