Author Topic: Can I have more than one hosting account? (but it gets just a little weird...)  (Read 1284 times)


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Okay, the exact way that this all happened is just too confused and confusing for words, but BASICALLY, I created an account for my sister's podcast, and it somehow got all the information for MY podcast on MY site, which I was also going to create hosting for right after hers. (I think I've been juggling too many things to do lately...)

But there's a simple way out of this! There really is! (I think.) Can I just leave the first hosting account the way it is (for my site and my podcasts) and start a second hosting account for her (on her site, for her podcasts)? I can do it with a different email, if that helps.


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You can get another hosting account using your email login or hers.  The key is to have the 2nd show listing in first.

When you sign up for the second hosting account, make sure the correct show is selected in the green pulldown menu in the manage account area and that you select the correct show when purchasing the hosting.