Author Topic: Any way to exclude <description> tag from iTunes feed to keep summary only?  (Read 771 times)


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Since both <itunes:summary> tag and the <description> tag are being used in the feed, for example is there anyway or short code I can add to my post to exclude it from showing and use the <itunes:summary> only? Not sure if this matters or not but I'd like to keep down the extra info that shows on the website article (that's also the podcast episode) since its not as relevant without images.

For example, say I write an article on the topic of the podcast episode (same post) WP includes a Continue Reading... short code to truncate the post. I'd like to be able to do the same for the feed. Thanks and love the plugin so far. Makes life easier and seems like a pretty permanent solution for me now :)

after hours of trying to figure this out, it was actually very obvious. doh

for anyone else wondering,

under PowerPress basic settings, check the box  [iTunes Summary Field    (Leave unchecked to use your blog post)]
the in the post while editing, view the summary text field for power press and add in whatever you want.

go into wordpress settings > reading and change For each article in a feed, show SUMMARY save and done.
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Glad you found that!  Thanks for posting so everyone can see it.