Author Topic: Blubrry Moving Forward... But Can Legacy Podcasts Remain On Previous Host  (Read 645 times)


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I run a podcast stream with about 100 episodes hosted on another server, running through Powerpress.

Due to the number of downloads, I need to cut costs, and so I want to switch to Blubrry.

Can the historic podcasts remain on the other server, and continue on iTunes etc, and future podcasts be hosted on Blubrry, and still feed through to iTunes?



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Yes, that would work great. 

Just sign up for a blubrry hosting account and set it up in powerpress.  Your historic podcasts will remain where they are.  IF you would like a free 30 days of hosting, email me mike [at] and I will send you a promo code.

We can also migrate up to 10gb of your back catalog for you that wouldn't count against your monthly upload quota.